My cat has Alzheimers

She can't remember if I've fed her or not, so quite often she stands on the counter and howls. 

She used to not use the litter box and my yard was her toilet. 
Then she decided to start using it. 
6 months ago she stopped using it. 
2 days ago she pooped in my hubby's bathroom.
Now she's using the litter box again, mere moments after I told my housesitter she wasn't going to have to clean out the litter box because my cat didn't use it. 

I'm sure it's kitty alzheimers. Or perhaps she made a New Year's Resolution to never go outside again. 


Anonymous said...

Hayley --
Your cat is stressed. Either that or she's evil and she may be related to our cat, the "you can count on her to be evil," Zoe.
One way we trained our cats NOT to use the catbox was to use Litter Green = they hate that stuff and go outside in the woods! Yea! Cats without the mess! Good luck and lots of love, Chris

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

I'm pretty stressed right now, but I haven't resorted to pooping in Tim's bathroom. I'll try that and see if it works. Thanks Chris!

Margerie said...

Bless her little shitty kitty heart. I vote for Jasmin for Employee of the Month. She may not be the most productive, but she has seniority.