Yesterday sucked.

I woke up early to get to a meeting in Montecito. As I was on my way out the door (literallly, keys in hand, purse on the shoulder), it got cancelled. We decided to go anyway to see my sister & brother -in law (the only highpoint of the day). 

We decided to get donuts, since I can eat whatever I want before my surgery**! We stopped and I made this huge deal out of getting 2 donuts, instead of one, because I can! When we got into the car, Tim accidentally spilled milk all over me and my seat. In order to get away from it, I moved quickly and then my coffee cup spilled into my purse. 

Once I got those messes cleaned up and only had one napkin left, we got on the road. I reached into the bag of donuts. They only put one donut in my bag, not two. Good thing I only had one napkin. 

When I called to confirm my surgery** appointment for December 29th, the scheduler said "Oh, I forgot to tell you, the doctor is going to be out of town that day. We will have to reschedule." 

Yesterday sucked. I should have just gone back to bed. 

And for those of you wondering, don't worry. I didn't cry over spilt milk. But I might have leaked a little about the scheduling screw-up. 

**You can read about the impending surgery on my ByeBye-Boobies blog.  It could be this Monday, December 22, or possibly January 6th, or sometime after that. Good times. I'll keep ya posted.

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Margerie said...

I was telling DH about your misadventures yesterday. After retelling the milk and coffee incident, he deemed you Lucy and Ricki. But when I told them they only gave you one donut, he was almost inconsolable (sp?) and said they may have well just peed in your bag.

I hope there are no more yesterdays for you. Hang in there!!