What do you get?

1 + 2 = 3

1. Precocious 3 year old
2. Gumball machine
3. Gum in random spots

Our little friend, Aubrie, comes over on Sundays to visit. She is 3. The first thing she does is go for the gumball machine (you don't even need pennies). I have no idea how much she goes through each time she is here. I do know her Mom is always telling her to spit out the gum and "no more gumballs!"

We found this ABC* gum while cleaning up the other day. The pig is ceramic (not made out of gum). But the little spots all around him? Chewed up gum. Ya gotta laugh about that!

I'm afraid to look under the tables, and chairs and desks around my house. 

*ABC= Already Been Chewed

1 comment:

Margerie said...


Hope you don't find any in your hair. We got 3 gumball machines from Grandma last Christmas. Is she insane or was it payback????

Anyway, they are stowed away, unless Aubrey needs them ;)