Can you believe this? AAARGH

When I bought my last Verizon phone, I explained to the girl that it was so nice to be able to now transfer my contacts from one phone to another. She said it was new. She then sold me a "chip" to put in my phone to save and store all my information on. 

But guess what? She's a liar, liar, pants on fire. It doesn't store your contacts on it. Or your photos. It stores your music. But not your ringtones that you paid for and downloaded. Doesn't store the games you paid for and downloaded. I don't store music on my phone cuz mine is on my ipod. 

My phone went blue screen on Thursday night. I had to get a new one on Friday morning. And guess what? The little chip? Doesn't have anything on it. Nothing. Not one ringtone. Not one game. Not even one picture. And not one contact. 

Needless to say, I have no contacts in my phone. So, I apologize to Jessica for missing your birthday dinner. I honestly didn't have a phone nor your number, to call you back on. And to Jean - would have loved to met you for sunset happy hour (although we were booked, but I would have at least called you to tell you that). 

I guess we can pretend that this is clutter-busting at it's finest. If you still want to hear from me ever again  - shoot me a text (and be sure to sign it so I know who you are!) and I will add you back into my phone. 

And if not? I say good riddance. 

But please don't be mad at me if you haven't heard from me since Thursday. 

And yes, I have signed up for Verizon's contact saving info. I am having to pay for it monthly, which I don't really mind if it will back it up. But why didn't the little liar tell me about it the last time I went into the store? I'd like to knock her into next week. 

I shoulda bought an i-phone. You can bet I will when my contract is up. 


Traumatically yours,

Phone numberless and textless in San Luis Obispo


Napoleon said...

Hey, if you lost my number just call me and I'll give it to ya.

Margerie said...

Can you hear me now??