It's a really great day!

  • A fresh pot of coffee was brewed just as I was waking up 
  • My oncologist called to say my BRCA 1 & 2 test is negative (can you say, no genetic mutations for cancer found?) 
  • The guy is finishing installing my new hot water heater so I can take a hot shower today (yesterday, you could have called me Anita Shower)
  • I think I have figured out what to be for Halloween! 
  • AssMunch came over and helped me write some code for my "almost ready" website
  • My sis-in-law is in California again
  • It smells like fall
  • I sold more Buffs® to PlanetBuff.com  (type in Hayley for free s/h!)
  • I had to break into my "skinnier jeans" today to find something that fit (not to be confused with the "skinny jeans" I got rid of)
  • My long-lost friend Darell found me again
  • Tomorrow is my 6 year "cancer-versary"
  • I got THIS in the mail today from my friends Mechell, Olivia & Poopster (no further explanation will be given on the names :-)

It's a really great day. I'm in my happy place! 


Susan said...

Hooray about the gene test! I'm doing the happy dance with you, although you can't see me.

Margerie said...

Love that you are in your happy place!! Do some dancing there for me!