#1 Fans

It's been a fun month for me. Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have people vying to be my #1 fan. Luckily, none of them (that I know of) are like Annie from Misery.

Margerie sent me a VERY FUNNY card. Let's just say "it was a real gas", with a lovely princess.

At the
Cleavage Creek release party, Dan scored the very first bottle of Cab Syrah with my picture on it. He was #1 at least until Monday.

On Monday, Zeena sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers - orange and yellow congratulating me on the
Cleavage Creek spokesmodel gig and my 6 years cancer-versary.

On Tuesday, Zeena's daughter Molly, beat her out with an email that I will keep with me forever.

I was asked to sign my first bottle of Cab Syrah at a fundraiser for the BCRF that Buffalo Grill put on last week. The guy who won the wine was so excited - he asked me to sign the bottle. His girlfriends mom was just diagnosed, and he wanted to give her the Cab Syrah to give her hope. 

Both Madelyn & Therese have decided that they are giving away my
Cleavage Creek Cab Syrah for Xmas presents, and asked me to sign their bottles (hope I didn't spoil that for anybody!)

Mari Robeson asked me to be a "featured artist" and pour my wine at her second anniversary party in December.

On Friday,
Jean Steel got me a fun photo shoot gig with Lori Steed because she hearts me.

On Saturday, I got the coolest cupcakes ever. How many of you have ever received booby cupcakes? A big shout out and thank you to Madison & Molly.

Who wants to be my next #1 fan?

But seriously...every single one of you who are reading this blog...I am where I am today because of you, your support, hugs, encouraging words, and love.

I am YOUR #1 fan!

The question remains - what is the best way to eat a booby cupcake?


Margerie said...

I am glad you had a wonderful 6 Year Cancersucksery!

Maybe next year I will come over and fart on you myself ;)


One of Your Many #1 Fans

Susan said...

What a great month--and it's not even half over yet! I hope the rest of the month is just as great.

Another of your #1 fans