Thanks Guest Blogger: Z.W.

As I was sitting here trying to think about what to blog about (narrowing it down is oh-so-hard), my buddy, whose initials are Z.W., sent me an email that said this: 

If I blogged this would be today

Why do we say "tuna fish." We don't say "chicken bird" or "steak cow" or "egg chicken"

And now I can go work on my tan, since my blogging was completed for me today (thanks Z!). Yes, I know, tanning is bad. But I am leaving for Mexico in 2-1/2 weeks, and noticed that I am pasty white. Not Chicago-in-the-winter-pasty-white, but white, none-the-less.  


Cathy said...

Enjoy your trip! Would love to visit Mexico one day. Have a safe trip and again, have a good time!

Anonymous said...

yeah. funny text :)