Wordless Wednesday - Plethora of Ducks (Improg)!

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Askew To You said...

Looks like enough ducks to cover somebody's baths for the rest of their life. ;D

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Margerie said...

Yes, just how many baths do you take woman??!! Do you invite friends? I must not be duck worthy- LOL!

Happy Wordless!

Susan said...

Improgging and WWing at the same time? Is that cheating or just very efficient?

Sandy said...

Cute Cute picture. I used to belong to a fun and funny group of adults who called themselves the ducks. I love color and your picture is very colorful. I hoped over from Susans' page to say hi. I've not gotten into the wordless wednesday's; but do enjoy blogging, visiting others blogs, and meeting new people when they come to mind.

Welcome mats always out, stroll over,
Have a good day