Party Guest from Hell & IMPROGGING - smitten

These are two of my BFF's, Marcy & Dan. This was the very first picture ever taken of them together. 

In the early 90's, Marcy, my BHF (hubby) and me were roommates in a great house. Well, the house wasn't THAT great, but it had a pool, so that made up for the lack of everything else. In fact, the world practically revolved around the house, if I remember correctly. 

Anyway, we decided to have a party. For some reason (probably the way the calendar was, or just for the heck of it) we decided to have a 3rd of July party, as opposed to a 4th of July party. We all invited our friends, relatives, neighbors and (obviously - see person in the pink shirt, above) random people. 

It started out nice and innocent. Until the keg arrived. And people started to get a bit tipsy. I think that Marcy was the first one in the pool, not by choice. Boy was she mad! She had apparently invited this guy over that she really liked, and her hair was cute, makeup perfect, outfit just right. She had to start all over. She disappeared for awhile to gussy up again. The party went on; soon the blender was fired up and the margaritas were being passed around. People were now in the pool, but by choice. And the noise elevated. 

Marcy came out of her room looking adorable again. People were doing shots of tequila now. Marcy wound up in the pool again. You know the saying - madder than a wet hen? I know exactly what that means, cuz that was what Marcy was. She disappeared to gussy up once again. 

I seem to remember somebody drinking a margarita out of one of my shoes. I'm not sure, but it could have been Julie. Or Marcy. Or me. Anyway, you can only imagine what happened. Yep. Marcy ended up in the pool. Again. And the cops showed up. AHA. Those were obviously the neighbors that weren't at the party. Probably weren't invited either. Bad planning on our part. 

My BHF went to the door and told them we would keep it quiet(er). 

At this point, random people were just showing up. You know how it is. Tim was trying to make everybody shutup (I don't think it worked so well).  He wanted to shut down the blender. Some guy was trying to make a margarita and BHF went over and pushed the off button. The guy glared at him and pushed the on button. Tim pushed the off button. The guy pushed the on button. Tim went over to the wall, and unplugged the blender. It could have gotten really ugly. But Marcy chose that time to come out looking darling, once again. The person that was fighting over Tim with the blender was SMITTEN (used my improg word!). This was the guy that came to the party that Marcy had been talking about. The margaritas were forgotten (at least by THOSE two). 

We all jumped in the pool. The cops came. AGAIN. Tim finally managed to kick everybody out. That is, except for the party guest from hell that almost fought him over a blended margarita. 

This picture was taken the next day. It's obvious it was the 90's. It's Marcy, my hubby, and if you look hard enough, you'll notice Dan is in the background - clearly making it known what he thinks of their outfits. They both look like they got dressed in the dark.

And Dan, the party guest from hell? Well, he never left the house. And when he did, months later? He took my roommate Marcy away with him! That was the end of that era, and the beginning of a new one. 

Marcy & Dan just celebrated 15 years, and are parents of twin teenagers. Tim & I have just passed 18 years and I don't drink anymore. Julie doesn't drink margaritas out of shoes anymore. 

And we are all still best friends. 

This post is dedicated to you. I wish we were together today. 

Happy July 3rd! 


Julie said...

Just for the record: I was NOT the one drinking margaritas out of Hayley's shoe. That was Ava's friend, Lisa. I think that was probably the last time we saw her.

I'm not sure how Missy's striped shirt with the plaid shorts factors into the gussiness....maybe she ran out of clothes after going in the pool three times?

Susan said...

Congratulations on getting the improg word in there, Hayley!

And Julie, where's your blog?

Margerie said...

OMG what a riot!

We moved here in '93, boy did I miss out! Love the Timsters hair (and the pants)

Congrats to Marci and Dan. You can throw her in my pool anytime!

Anonymous said...

....and thats only what Hayley remembers!
Hayley Julie and Tim my three best friends and my wife Marcy the love of my life, it has been the best 18 years.
Happy July 3rd to all of you.

Alice said...

Great story and the best part is the pants! Please tell me you still have those bad boys!