IMPROG #8 - Ponytail

This week's improgging word is ponytail. 

Ever since that unfortunate pixie cut I got while in elementary school, I have wanted a great ponytail. The kind that doesn't stick out in odd places, not to mention, holds your hair back. The kind that swishes when you walk. But I got stuck with thin hair that barely made sense in a ponytail. And I always had to curl it first, to get it to even look halfway decent, and let's face it, by the time you go to the trouble of curling your hair, you don't want to pull it back in a ponytail. 

I had my doubts that my hair would ever grow back after the chemo. I remember the day after I lost it, I sent this picture out to a few people. This really was the extent of my ponytail. 

But now? I have been blessed with a great head of hair (it DID grow back!) The kind of hair I may have done unspeakable things for in high school. The kind I always wanted. 

I don't have any more bad hair days, just for the record! And if my hair isn't cooperating, I simply put it in a ponytail and go on about my day. 

Yay me! 

I noticed that Susan & Margerie have both improgged about ponytail. Be sure to visit them and leave them a comment too! 


shannond said...

that is a lovely picture!! Thanks for keeping me laughing!!

Margerie said...

I love your new hair- it is gorgeous. But of course, I would love it if you could have skipped the whole cancer thing....

That caption says it all......