Thematic Photographic - WOOD

Thematic Photographic

This week: WOOD

I had to really pick and choose as to what I was going to post for this week's theme photo, WOOD(click here to see more thematic photographics). I have tons of pics, and may have to do several posts! (Thanks Carmi)

I was strolling on the Bob Jones Parkway and came across this piece of almost petrified wood. The way it is weathered shows the age rings perfectly. 

I've decided that I must also wear my "age rings" and be proud of them, and not ashamed. The chemo kicked my ass and I'm pretty sure it changed my molecular structure! It added wrinkles, fat rolls, crows feet, brow furrows, radiation tattoos, tummy bulges, scars across both breasts and one on my neck, cottage cheese thighs, and if you think I sound hot now, you should see me naked!

But each of those little "age rings" makes me proud to be where I am today. I am almost at 6 years from my original breast cancer diagnosis, and guess what? 

I FEEL GREAT! And my hubby still thinks I am beautiful. 

Just like this piece of wood. Just because it has been cut off it's original trunk, and thrown to the side of the road, it is still beautiful, and not forgotten. It is just spectacular in a completely different way. 

Today, try looking at things differently, and not just what is new and cool and shiny. Be kind, for everybody has been through some sort of battle, whether they show it on the outside, or wear it on the inside. 

And celebrate YOUR age rings!


Mojo said...

Very cool shot, and a deftly connected to your blog's central theme too. Nice work!

Carmi said...

I love your attitude, Hayley, and the way you related your experience to this week's theme. I've always seen scars as signs of beauty, unique markings that we pick up on our journey that serve as milestones of our passage. It what makes us unique and interesting, and it's what gives us the basis to remember and learn.

Thanks to your insight, I'll never look at tree rings quite the same way again. Thank you for teaching me - and everyone else who visits - an important lesson!

smarmoofus said...

Is it only almost-petrified? At first glance I thought it was petrified wood. Great find!

Also, congratulations on your continued recovery/good health. Be proud of your battle scars. You've earned the right.


Margerie said...

I felt like a felled tree when I was first diagnosed. My poor dear husband tried to cut down a not-so-perfect-tree on our property about then and let's just say it wasn't pretty (what I said to him)

The tree is still standing, chainsaw scars and all, and so am I. I think I even drew a cartoon about it ;)

Happy 6 years Hayley!!! You are gorgeous girl!!