IMPROG: Travel is the word

improg: travel

Susan has been very good at improgging, so she guilted me into it today. She didn't even try, I just felt that she was holding up her end of the bargain, and I was not. So here we go!

Today’s improg word is travel. I have been very remiss in my improgging (but not my blogging, I hope you understand the difference). One of the main reasons is because I have been traveling a bit. 

Not the kind of traveling I would like to be doing, but traveling, just the same. And, after all, we can’t always be going somewhere tropical, so we may as well still be going somewhere. The point is that we can.

Since my last improg, I have traveled to:

  • the gym
  • Joe Momma’s Coffee in Avila
  • the salon to get my haircut
  • my dog’s agility training
  • Magic Mountain
  • a purse party
  • the apple store (have I told you I love my computer?)
  • the Fremont Theatre to see Pulp Fiction on the big screen
  • the store to panic buy carrots
  • Cal Poly’s Relay for Life where I was the speaker for opening ceremonies
  • Pismo Beach to find a tenant for a rental (4 times)
  • Grizzly Academy at Camp San Luis to make C-Cards (more on that later)
  • my annual breast MRI and bone density scan
  • my oncologists for a check up (he doesn’t want to see me for 6 months - yay!)
  • my surgeon for a check up (he doesn’t want to see me for 1 year - double yay!)
  • SF Bay Area to see my BFF-Julie and hang out at Cabana Dan’s
  • Nipomo to show houses
  • Atascadero to an e-commerce talk sponsored by CCWN

So, all in all, even though I say I need a vacation, and even though I say I haven’t gone anywhere in awhile, quite the opposite is true. I have been traveling!

Just not the toes in the sand and wear your swimsuit to lunch kind of vacation I think of when I think of travel.

I need to plan a vacation.

As Susan stated, we are almost out of random words and we will need to send each other more. We would love to have you improg with us, so if you are interested in improgging, shoot me an email or leave me a comment. Let's start a trend!!!!!! Come on all you bloggers out there (Margerie). 


Susan said...

Wow! I'm impressed with my guilt-inducing powers. I didn't even say anything or give you a dirty look or wag my finger at you. In fact, I didn't come within 1200 miles of you.

Too bad they don't work that well on my kids.

Margerie said...

I already caved to the pressure woman!!!

Count me in for the next round.

Happy trails!