Cocktail Time - 1949 style

Good blog fodder for 50 cents at an estate sale yesterday!

They just don't make 'em like they used to. Fist off, the Columbia long playing microgroove is slated as "unbreakable". This was in 1949, mind you. Very hip and very cool - a record player and a martini. Practically guaranteed to get you laid. After all, who can resist songs like Cocktails for Two, I'll Be Seeing You, Oh Lady Be Good and the ever popular Stumbling. But just make sure you get her in the mood and ready to go either on side one or side two. There are only 4 songs per side, so please plan accordingly.

The only shame is that I don't have a 33-1/3 RPM instrument, which are designed to play columbia Long Playing Records. I have no idea how good, or bad, this really is. The LP microgroove record is a modern high quality musical reproduction worthy of special care. We are supposed to always keep it away from heat and in this protective envelope.

The agreeable ring of glasses across the sound of conversation is saluted in this collection of favorites played by The Dell Trio. Almost every evening, in cities across the country, the hours between five and seven find dimly-lit rooms filled with citizens pausing for relaxation and enjoyment, a pause frequently made more relaxing and enjoyable by music such as this.

For this is music that is pleasant to listen to, yet undemanding, music that stimulates light conversation, music that creates that subtle atmosphere that precedes a special evening. The small combination of the trio engenders an intimate atmosphere, and its composition --- organ, accordion, and bass --- permits a wide variety of color and effect, so that almost any musical effect can be obtained. Moreover, it is admirable adapted to the music most often heard at cocktail time --- show tunes, standard favorites, half-forgotten “special” melodies.

Whether you listen to it as an accompanimnet for an intimate gathering, or as one for a large group, or simply as a collection of fine songs deftly played, you will find it splendidly adaptable and a warmly enjoyable reflection of the colorful and exciting cocktail hour.

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Shirley said...

I believe your friend Mike has the equipment need to play your 33 1/3. Yet another benefit to having older friends.