What happened to your eyebrows?

I never, ever thought about eyebrows, or lack-of, or anything, B.C. (before cancer). Other than those people who only have one eyebrow and you know that they shave the middle of them, and then I make fun of them (behind their back of course).

As I was going through chemo, I lost ALL hair on my body. Yes, everywhere. So, I had to learn to draw my eyebrows on (trying very hard to not look like Shirley McLain). Did you know that there are stencils for this kind of thing? Well, there are, just in case that ever comes up in a conversation. Anyway, I was going in for one of my daily radiation treatments and my hair was just barely starting to come in. I can remember being the envy of the office because it was about 1/4" long. I also remember hopping out of the shower that day and just heading down to the doctor's office - no wig, no makeup. Come to think of it, I didn't 'hop' out of the shower, I think 'lumbered' would be a better word - the chemo took away much of my response time!

Meanwhile, back at the radiation oncologists office: I was sitting waiting for my appointment and working on a puzzle. There was a little girl who was in there - waiting for her mom. Now, I saw her mom come in and she was just coming for a consultation, she had not had any chemo or radiation (yet). The little girl was probably about 7. So, the little girl looked at me and said, "Can I ask you a question?" I told her of course she could, and was prepared to tell her about my hair (on my head), because I didn't have a wig or a hat on (remember, I was proud of my 1/4 inch of hair). She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYEBROWS?"
So, when you think you are going out and nobody notices the zit, or the makeup smear on your eye, or lipstick on your teeth---they see it, they just don't tell you about it or ask about it. Leave it to kids to make you feel totally self conscious!

By the way, I punched her in the mouth and then said, "What happened to your front teeth?"

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