Do NOT use on unexplained calf pain

My friend, Carmen, is darling. She is 40something, a size 2, great hair, perfect skin (she hardly ever goes out in the sun), and is one of the funniest people I know. Of course, even though she looks like the girl next door, she can drop the "F-bomb" just as much as any teenage boy.

This week, she had a varicose vein removed from her leg. How crazy is that? When I was talking about with a friend of mine, I announced "It's so funny that Carmen is as vain as she is."

HAHAHAHAHA. Get it? Vain? Varicose veins? I crack myself up.

Here's what THEY say about it: https://healthlibrary.epnet.com/GetContent.aspx?token=70ff5260-81bd-4de1-9998-14fc98aa9133&chunkiid=11474

I don't know if anybody has managed to link the varicose veins to the little stickers that appear on the bottom of all vibrators "Do NOT use on unexplained calf pain".

Does anybody know why vain people have veins removed?
And why are there stickers on the bottom of all vibrators:


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tman said...

I have just read all of the blogs to Dec 22. It still blows me away the pain I have and the tears that roll down my face when i hear all of you talk about the pain. I myself have not been inflicted with the nasty demon that is cancer, but have had to endure the pain of those who I loved the most.
I recently broke three vertebra in my back and was strapped to a wheel chair for a time in vegas. I was forced to look at life thru a different glass-it sucked! No one